At some point, we would very much like to pay authors for their work. Right now, the means to offer compensation would involve such things as paid ads on the site and monetized content. This is not the direction we wish to go with SLJ at this juncture. Authors wishing to acquire a Steem wallet and account will be able to earn rewards with their content and eventually those rewards could be significant. Steem tokens can be exchanged for Bitcoin and Bitcoin sold for cash. Due to the volatility of cryptocurrency markets, however, depending on this as a source of income is not advised.

Absolutely not. In fact, the indelible nature of blockchain technology allows you to prove ownership of copyright in ways that traditional methods do not.

Yes. Twelve months from the date your work was published in our litmag, you are free to submit your work to any other publishers of your choosing or self-publish in any form.

The best answer for that is no. If your work has appeared in any other form, print or online, we will steer clear. Certain instances might qualify as exceptional, and in those cases, maybe. However, we will conduct routine online searches for content appearing in the submissions we consider for publication, and if that material appears anywhere else on the web, the chances that we will publish it are very small.

We will immediately and aggressively take action against all persons claiming the work of another as their own, even legal action if that is warranted. Material posted to the blockchain can be rendered invisible by heavy downvoting and all earnings reversed. Plagiarism bots actively parse blockchain data and can often catch plagiarized material that human editors miss. Plagiarism happens, but rest assured–we do not take the theft of another’s copyrighted material lightly at all, and the consequences for doing so can be stiff.

Please use our contact form and check the option for more info about account creation. It is not an instant process nor is it a fast one. There’s a learning curve, but we have resources in place to make it painless. Once we receive your contact information through our form, we’ll be in touch to get you started.